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Tony Stewart’s Message To His Fans

Daytona Friday Tony Stewart In GarageA message from Tony Stewart to his fans…

“I told someone to go get my phone or else I was going to get up and get it myself. Finally got reconnected to the world and just want to say thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. My team will remain strong and I will be back.”


Jeff Burton Promotes New Sprint Drive First App

Sprint Drive First – a new app from Sprint

Sprint Drive First is a new app from Sprint that automatically locks a mobile phone when a car is moving faster than 10 mph. It disables phone functionality, directs incoming calls to voice mail and silences distracting alerts for incoming emails and text messages.

Sprint Drive First is a great tool to help keep kids from talking and texting while driving. It provides parents with peace of mind that their teenage driver will arrive safely at their destination.

Jeff Burton Interview

It is easy to sign up for Sprint Drive First. Visit www.sprint.com/drivefirst to get started or find more information.

For anyone who sends a text, when the Sprint Drive First app is activated it will automatically send a reply message to the sender to tell them that you’re driving and that you will respond to them when you are no longer driving, so they’ll know why you’re not getting back to them immediately.

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