Wild Asphalt Circus? Kevin Harvick’s Car Damaged Before Race Even Begins

Photo Credit: Kevin Harvick’s Twitter account @kevinharvick

By: Toby Christie – Follow on Twitter @Tobalical

In a strange turn of events that has to have Texas Motor Speedway track president Eddie Gossage feeling that someone took his new slogan of “Wild Ashpalt Circus” a little too literal, a parachuter landing in the infield grass as a part of the prerace festivities has apparently damaged the No. 29 Chevrolet that Kevin Harvick is scheduled to race with in less than two hours.

The weight that is attached to the parachuter apparently got tangled in the flag that was being flown from him as well, and that caused the ‘chuter to go off track, and into the side of the No. 29 car.

Harvick tweeted a photo of the damage, along with the following:

“Never good when the day starts with a parachute weight hitting our car… Welcome to 2012….”

The Richard Childress Racing team has pushed the car back to the garage where they will begin repairs in a never before seen set of circumstances. Now only if the AAA Texas 500 can be as wild as the prerace ceremonies we are in for a treat.

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