#610 Guest: Alex Bowman, we recap Alex’s domination at Auto Club Speedway, Jimmie Johnson guest of honor everywhere, Smoke is back for road course action, Busch Clash adds right handers, NASCAR drops 4 lugs for 2021, and more. Hosted by Kerry Murphey and Toby Christie. #610


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#609 Guests: Natalie Decker, Cole Custer – We recap the thrilling Las Vegas action where Jimmie Johnson notched a Top 5, (oh and Joey won) we discuss the rash of media Twitter wars that broke out this week, Dillion hits bombs, Kobe gets repped, and we offer tons of fun. Hosted by Kerry “WordPress Expert” Murphey, and Toby “Social Media Director that doesn’t know how to embed Twitter into WordPress” Christie #609


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#596 Guest: Chase Briscoe – We also feature a Jimmie Johnson MEGA BONANZA!, Toby has breaking news that forces NASCAR to penalize folks, and tons of fun. Hosted by Kerry “Thankful Jimmie has 1 more year” Murphey and Toby “Mr. Breaking News” Christie Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday and off season weekend!

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