SHOW #566 – Guest: Kyle Petty – We recap the ‘Dega Blah weekend, rules changes o’plenty, couple of BIG ONES, Chase rings bell with win, qualifying goes back to normal, Joey Logano gets the spotlight, and a full DOVER preview (Miles is awesome) Hosted by Concrete Kerry Murphey and Oak Tree Toby Christie

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SHOW #565 – Guests: Justin Haley and Landon Cassill – We recap the rare off weekend in NASCAR, discuss a Dale Jr. / Budweiser conspiracy theory, Jimmie can run, sad news, Bubba flies fast (kinda), and a full Blah, er eh Talladega Superspeedway Blah! preview. Hosted by Kerry ‘Flies 700mph” Murphey and Toby “Thinks humans can’t go fast, despite the shuttle going mach 22” Christie.

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SHOW #562 – Guests: Aric Almirola/Ryan Sieg – We recap the Texas weekend, discuss qualifying, a Jimmie BONANZA makes a fresh appearance, Burton lands JGR ride, Interstate remains with Joe, plus a full Bristol Motor Speedway preview. Hosted by Kerry “Bonanza” Murphey and Toby “Campers” Christie

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SHOW #561 – Guest: Matt DiBenedetto – We recap the dominating performance of Brad Keselowski at Martinsville. Break down the mega changes for the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series schedule, discuss Team Penske’s strength to kick things off, Toby heads to TMS, and tons more. Hosted by Kerry “not worth $100 million” Murphey and Toby “I fixed my static issue, and replaced it with a dog and kid sounds” Christie.

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SHOW #559 – Guests: Ryan Blaney and Bubba Wallace – We recap the Phoenix weekend, discuss the 200 win mark for Kyle Busch vs. The King, the NASCAR HoF has it’s 20 of possibles for 2020, we preview Auto Club Speedway California Dreamin’ style, and tons of fun. Plus, a surprise interview at the end. Hosted by Kerry Murphey and Toby Christie.

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