SHOW #568 – Guest: Ryan Preece – We recap the Kansas weekend, it’s awesome racing with the new package, Is Erik Jones a Lego figure (Emmet perhaps) Truex is sneaky with unveil, listen to us on Spotify, plus a full on crazy All Star Race preview. Hosted by Kerry ’48 gets a top 10′ Murphey and Toby ‘loves him some static’ Christie

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SHOW #567 – Guest: Daniel Suarez – We recap the Monday edition of The Monster Mile at Dover, discuss robots coming to NASCAR, was Dale Sr. whiney too?, Kyle Busch complains again, Denny almost dies, so does Kahne, a full Kansas preview and loads of fun. Kerry ‘the robots are coming to get us’ Murphey and Toby ‘always defends Kyle Busch’ Christie.

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SHOW #565 – Guests: Justin Haley and Landon Cassill – We recap the rare off weekend in NASCAR, discuss a Dale Jr. / Budweiser conspiracy theory, Jimmie can run, sad news, Bubba flies fast (kinda), and a full Blah, er eh Talladega Superspeedway Blah! preview. Hosted by Kerry ‘Flies 700mph” Murphey and Toby “Thinks humans can’t go fast, despite the shuttle going mach 22” Christie.

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