#597 The guys have a ton of news to share, the story behind our Texas race recap show, an encore Ross Chastain interview, driver spotlight includes some XFinity guys, and the usual Toby and Kerry fun. Hosted by those guys just mentioned.

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#596 Guest: Chase Briscoe – We also feature a Jimmie Johnson MEGA BONANZA!, Toby has breaking news that forces NASCAR to penalize folks, and tons of fun. Hosted by Kerry “Thankful Jimmie has 1 more year” Murphey and Toby “Mr. Breaking News” Christie Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday and off season weekend!

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#594 Guest: Corey LaJoie – We recap the exciting Phoenix elimination race as we look toward the season finale. Hemric finds a ride, Tifft sidelined, we break down the Final 4 drivers, hear from 3 of them, and a ton of Homestead-Miami goodness. Hosted by Kerry Murphey and Toby Christie. #594 Tell your friends about us if you are still reading 🙂

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#593 We have a huge non-Bonanza driver spotlight feature montage kinda thing, we discuss intensity, Joey Logano, 2 races left, silly season stuff, (other various silliness) Stewart back in a stock car, Pocono doubleheader, Stockman gone, plus a full Phoenix preview complete with cactus with arms, hosted by Kerry Murphey and Toby Christie

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