Danica Patrick and GoDaddy are two things that won’t go together after this season as her longtime sponsor is pulling out of NASCAR. This leaves Danica without a sponsor as leverage in her contract year with Stewart-Haas Racing. The good news, is she’s off to a great start sitting 16th in the point standings with a couple of Top 10’s to her credit. She’s also ahead of the boss Tony Stewart who is 30th in points.

Either Danica Patrick has seriously bulked up (in the last few days) or she was wearing some sort of muscle suit for another reason. Turns out it was the latter, and she was filming an ad for GoDaddy which more than likely will air during some big football game next year (still insane we can’t say the name of that year-ending game that the football people play) It’s like not saying Daytona 500….come on!

danicaPatrickAccording to a study by folks that track this sort of stuff, Danica Patrick is the #1 Celebrity Endorser when it comes to Social Media Buzz. The study looked at the number of mentions of a brand along with the celebrity on Twitter over a 30 day period, and came up with this list.

#1 Danica Patrick / GoDaddy 12.72%
#2 Rihanna / Cover Girl 3.19%
#3 Lebron James / Nike 1.73%
#4 Alec Baldwin / Capital One 1.36%
#5 Jennifer Aniston / Smart Water .32%

Grab the full list at: http://synthesio.com/corporate/en/2013/marketing-2-0/social-media-reveals-the-true-value-of-a-celebrity-endorser