By: Toby Christie, Editor – Follow on Twitter @Toby_Christie

During his availability at Charlotte Media Tour on Tuesday, Kyle Busch let his disdain for NASCAR promoting the younger drivers like Ryan Blaney, Chase Elliott and Bubba Wallace in the sport over veteran drivers like himself be known.

Busch was quoted saying, “We’ve paid our dues, and our sponsors have and everything else, and all you’re doing is advertising all these younger guys for fans to figure out and pick up on and choose as their favorite driver. I think it’s stupid,” Busch said with frustration. “But I don’t know, I’m not the marketing genius that’s behind this deal. You know, I just do what I can do, and my part of it is what my part is.”

Wednesday, Blaney – who does a popular podcast for NASCAR — was questioned about Busch’s thoughts on the subject. He conceded that NASCAR indeed has given him a ton of opportunity to get his name and brand out to the masses.
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