#609 Guests: Natalie Decker, Cole Custer – We recap the thrilling Las Vegas action where Jimmie Johnson notched a Top 5, (oh and Joey won) we discuss the rash of media Twitter wars that broke out this week, Dillion hits bombs, Kobe gets repped, and we offer tons of fun. Hosted by Kerry “WordPress Expert” Murphey, and Toby “Social Media Director that doesn’t know how to embed Twitter into WordPress” Christie #609


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#608 Guest: Grant Enfinger – We recap the wild, wreck-filled 2020 Daytona 500, the latest Ryan Newman updates, preview Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and the year of Jimmie kicks off with our first BONANZA. Hosted by Kerry Murphey and Toby Christie. #608


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#604 We discuss the Rolex 24 (again) Kyle Larson’s lack of rest, hear from Ross Chastain, Matt DiBenedetto tests Indy’s road course(s) in a Penske car on a Penske track, where is Daniel Suarez driving in 2020, Bass Pro Shops really likes NASCAR, and tons more. Hosted by Kerry “I’m always right” Murphey and Toby “I’ve been banned from Reddit again” Christie. #604


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#603 Guest: Davey Segal (@DaveyCenter) – We learn about the huge Indianapolis news, NASCAR changes rules (again) for short tracks and road courses, News of the Week lightening round, plus we hear from Kyle Larson. Toby Christie and Davey Segal take over half of the show and have a wide ranging discussion. Hosted by Kerry ‘I’ll see you on the back end’ Murphey and Toby ‘I have more web traffic than you’ Christie. #603


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