Is Jimmie Johnson Vulnerable Heading Into 2011 Chase?

Johnson Vulnerable Heading Into 2011 Chase?

It’s not so much that Jimmie Johnson has lost his mojo. Certainly not.

It’s more that the competition has grown in ferocity. That’s the reason why 2011 seems more like the year that someone steals Johnson’s crown.

Then there’s this statistic that might provide some blood-in-the-water: Johnson is entering this Chase with one win, the fewest of any of his previous seven Chases.

There’s also the possibility of a slow start. Chicagloand is one of five active tracks at which Johnson has not won. The others: Watkins Glen, Michigan, Homestead and Kentucky. Though, that might not matter. Johnson has had slow Chase starts before, finishing 39th in the 2006 opener and 25th last year. Both those races were held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.