No News is Definitely Good News for Michael Waltrip Racing

2013 Sprint Media Tour Michael WaltripNo News is Definitely Good News for Michael Waltrip Racing

Tuesday morning found Media Tour participants meeting with two-time Daytona 500 winner Michael Waltrip and his lineup of 2013 Michael Waltrip Racing drivers.

“2012 was obviously a breakthrough year for MWR,” said Waltrip. “All of us had a lot of hope and anticipation for the 2012 season. We honestly knew as a group that we had the best cars MWR had ever prepared. We had the best crew lineup and, inarguably, the best driver lineup. Just look at the statistics; these guys have done more for us on the track, collectively, than any lineup we had before.

“For 2013, this is breaking news – there is no news. I don’t know if they told you to come here because there was something new. There’s nothing new or different for 2013, and man, are we happy about that.

Truex spoke next about his time with the team and thoughts on 2013.

“This is my fourth year at MWR. I’ve been a part of the process, which has been very fun,” he said. “Signing NAPA on for another few years was a huge deal for us. Our whole team is back together. We look forward to giving this thing going and having a great season.”

Clint Bowyer, who finished second in points for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship, was next.

“I just think we all exceeded expectations,” Bowyer said. “The way I look at things is: that was last year. We’ve got a new opportunity ahead of us with this new car. Everybody is behind and playing catch-up. I believe we have a good game plan… Everybody keeps warning me about this ‘second-place hangover.’ I tell people I’ve had a lot of hangovers; you fight through them.”


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