Radio Stations, Become An Affiliate Of The Final Lap For 2014

The Final Lap

Summary: A twice daily, barter based, :90 second radio feature, hosted by 10 year NASCAR radio host/journalist/podcaster Kerry Murphey. Content includes news and features from NASCAR’s largest three divisions: Sprint Cup, The Nationwide Series, and The Camping World Truck Series.

Delivery: Via a distribution system known as MediaShooterPro (MSP). Made available each evening prior to the next broadcast day. 5 days a week. Files are provided as, (.mp3 / 192kbps)

Note: Monday’s shows are produced Sunday nights

Syndicated by: United Stations Radio Networks
Content Includes:
1 – :90 second Final Lap feature
1 – :90 second Final Lap Exclusive feature (optional)
Driver Interviews in EVERY show!

2014 Demo Audio:


Show Topics:
News of the day
Qualifying (top 10)
Post-race recaps (top 10)
Point standings (top 10)
Upcoming race reports
Car testing
Track stats
Safety issues
Team / Driver spotlight
Press release news
…and more!

Looking for a 1 hour NASCAR formatted talk show for your Sports/Talk station? Check out The Final Lap Weekly!

Q: Can I hear some actual shows?
A: Sure click here, no smoke and mirrors with this show

Q: How do I become a Final Lap radio station?
A: Contact United Stations Radio Networks in NYC.

Q: Can I link our radio station web site to The Final Lap?
A: Please do, the site is an extension of the show

Q: When is the show ready for download?
A: Usually 9pm Pacific / Midnight Eastern for the next broadcast day

Q: Why don’t you ever talk about rumors?
A: Well first, because it’s not news. Second it’s a waste of time to talk about something that may or may not happen. I’ve only got :90 seconds a day, so only the facts make my reports.

Q: Who does the voice imaging for the show?
A: Thomas Moog – visit his web-site

Q: What production music is used on the show?
A: We make our own, and also use Radium Sound Production Library.