Tony Stewart & Gene Haas Statement on NASCAR Charter System

stewart1_021414Statements from Stewart-Haas Racing
Regarding Team Owner Charter Agreement

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (Feb. 10, 2016) – The following are statements from Stewart-Haas Racing co-owners Tony Stewart and Gene Haas regarding the team owner charter agreement, which represents a new collaborative business model between NASCAR, team owners and tracks.

Tony Stewart, three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion:

“Our sport is well positioned for growth and sustainability with this new charter agreement. I’m very proud of the work the teams and NASCAR have put into this new system, as many people have worked tirelessly to secure the health of our sport. Stronger communication, more team stability and shared goals equal a better product that we can showcase to our fans week in and week out.”

Gene Haas, founder of Haas Automation, the largest CNC machine tool builder in North America:

“This is an important day in the history of our sport that will benefit all constituents, immediately and in the long term. As someone who has heavily invested in motorsports for many years, I’m very pleased with the industry’s commitment to sustainability, collaboration and long-term value.”


One thought on “Tony Stewart & Gene Haas Statement on NASCAR Charter System

  1. I read the Charter article with quite a bit of trepidation.

    Many years ago, Edwin W. Edwards, four term governor of the state of Louisiana proposed licensing riverboat casinos in Louisiana for “Gaming”, not gambling, but “gaming”.

    There were going to be a fixed number of licenses, like the Nascar charters, and the competition was FIERCE for those few licenses.

    Edward Edwards served 10 years in a federal prison for selling a license. The evidence at trial showed that he was paid $100,000 per week through drop offs made at a dumpster in Metairie, Louisiana that were picked up by his son Stephen. His son served 6 years if my memory serves me correctly.

    Whether you call it a charter or you call it a license it really doesn’t matter. It is the same thing. Edwin Edwards figured out that if you limited the number of participants by requiring a license, that license was worth gold.

    Nascar has taken a play right out of the Edwin Edwards play book and is following his model. Waltrip racing got run out of the sport for cheating. Now this worthless, sponsor-less team is worth millions because they suddenly have a charter? What dumpster did they put the money in to come up with that idea???

    This is VERY BAD for the sport that grew from grass roots. Nascar has always followed the Ricky-Bobbie model, “if you ain’t first your last” and it has worked to give the Trevor Baynes of the sport incredible opportunity.

    I believe Petty was correct when he said Danica will never win a race. I have personally watched her compete at every Daytona opening race since she moved into the Cup series and I agree with him. She’ll always be an average driver. Just like so many others in the sport. But under the charter system, the Danicas of the sport don’t need to go fast, they only need the money to buy a charter. Couple of hundred Gs delivered weekly to a dumpster and I could be a Cup Series driver in my Mercury Mountaineer once I get it through inspections – LOL.

    This sport grew from grass roots. Only the fastest were allowed to compete. The corporate greed took Nascar off the public airwaves last season with ESPN and CBSsn, and now corporate greed is going to make sure that today’s powerhouses of the sport will forever own the sport. Its just a matter of time before the Wood Brothers and Front Row Furniture are eleiminated from the sport that they made famous.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I only started following the sport in 2010 and I love the sport, but I think is a really bad idea for the sport.

    Regarding my Governor Edwards analogy, take a look at his first trial for corruption 10 years before the second trial. In the first trial, instead of a license or a charter, he was accused of taking bribes to have a “Certificate of Need” issued to a medical group that wanted to open a fourth hospital in Baton Rouge, LA. They didn’t convict him, but no one in the state of Louisiana doubts he did exactly what he was accused of doing.

    Mark Brown
    #18, go Kyle Busch

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