For Austin Dillon’s Crew Chief Danny Stockman Jr. It’s All About Wins Now

Austin Dillon and the No. 3 Richard Childress Racing team were having a great day Sunday at Daytona. The 29-year old had won Stage 2 of the race and he was battling for the lead in the final Stage when all hell broke loose. Dillon made an arrant block of Clint Bowyer which triggered a massive pileup and ended the No. 3 car’s day.

What looked to be a good points day at the very least and a potential victory, turned into a 33rd-place finish.

It’s been the story of the season for a team that has produced all year long on qualifying day (three poles), but has failed to back it up on race day (three top-10s in 18 starts). After this latest poor finish, Dillon sits 22nd in the championship standings and he is fading fast from mathematical contention of making the Playoffs on points.

Dillon’s crew chief made an appearance on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio’s Morning Drive, and the outspoken leader of the team didn’t mince words about his team’s current situation.

“Nothing matters besides winning. I don’t give two shits about points right now,” Stockman said with passion is his voice. “All I care about is trying to get a win. However we have to do that we’re going to do the best job we can and try to do that. Points are what they are. We’ll probably gain as many as we can.

“If you asked me right now, ‘where are you at in points?’ I know we are somewhere in the 20’s and I know it ain’t good. But I don’t know how many points we got. I don’t know where we’re at and I don’t really give a shit. We are going to go out and try to win. That’s all we can do.”

When pressed about whether the No. 3 team is willing to throw caution to the wind and go for a riskier approach for a win as the regular season marches to a close, Stockman had a definitive answer.

“I think you’ll definitely see the 3 team take more risks,” Stockman said.

The No. 3 team may be a really fun one for you to keep your eye on as the 2019 season continues.