kurt_busch_banquet_20132013 Year In Review: Kurt Busch

BY: Toby Christie – Follow him on Twitter @Tobalical

Photo Credit: Chris Graythen/NASCAR via Getty Images

*Editor’s note: We will be reviewing the seasons of the top-10 finishers in the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series point standings.*

Welcome back to relevance, Kurt Busch.

Although there has never been any question that Busch is one of the most talented people behind the wheel of a race car, his off track temper tantrums left him on the undesired list for every sponsor on Earth, which in turn kept him out of every desired car in the Series. Conversely it appeared Busch’s career was on the downward spiral. Continue reading “NASCAR Cup Series 2013 Year In Review: 10th Place – Kurt Busch”