EXCLUSIVE: NASCAR Considers Going With All Electric Stock Cars in 2016


Do you like the thunder of the engines of 43 cars rumbling by heading off into turn 1? Do you like the smells of fuel, oil and various other viscosity defying liquids? Do you like the giant red cans pit crews must muscle around during a 12 second pit stop? Those things may be a thing of the past if NASCAR has it’s way coming to a race track near you. You may actually have to visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame to view such items of soon to be NASCAR history.

Multiple sources close to the negotiations between NASCAR and manufacturers, are telling The Final Lap that NASCAR is considering making the switch to all electric racing vehicles for all events starting in 2016 as part of their ongoing NASCAR Green Initiative.

A high ranking NASCAR executive said “Our commitment to better the environment has positioned NASCAR as the leader in sports sustainability, and we hope to influence other partners to follow our lead by joining the challenge.”

According to sources close this major shift in motorsports, NASCAR believes the technology has finally come of age to the point where it’s time to put it to the test on the racetrack. Electric Vehicles (EV’s) have come a long way with range, battery technology, torque, and sheer acceleration that it’s a great time to race these remarkable vehicles.

Thousands upon thousands of gallons of fuel will be saved during the course of just one season and nothing is greener than that.

Six-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, Jimmie Johnson, was spotted recently at a Chevrolet dealership looking at a sharp new Chevrolet Spark EV, for what appeared to be economic reasons during his morning commute, but now the true reason couldn’t be more clear — he’s looking for an advantage on the field.

As part of the changeover from gasoline powered race cars, to EV’s, NASCAR along with it’s track partners will install solar farms at every venue on the schedule in order to charge the batteries to be used on race weekends. Taking the lead from what Pocono Raceway has already done with their solar farm and extending it to every track is the goal throughout 2015 to prepare for the historic 2016 NASCAR EV season.

POCONO RACEWAY SOLAR FARM: http://www.poconoraceway.com/pocono-raceway-solar-energy.html

Imagine as the cars take the green flag for the 58th running of the Daytona 500, all 43 vehicles will whoosh off into turn 1 with the thunder of a gust of wind and possibly some tire noise. You’ll finally be able to hear the crunching of metal as drivers beat and bang at tracks like Bristol or Martinsville. Pit stops will include 4 tires, adjustments, and a battery swap, which is said to be as quick as dumping 2 cans of fuel, so these times will not change. Teams will need to quickly get the empty batteries onto their high speed super chargers after the pitstop, as there will only be several batteries issued to teams for a race weekend. This adds some extra excitement to the natural flow of a race.

How about the range for a racing NASCAR EV battery? Well, our sources are saying it should be equal to, or even a little further than a current tank of fuel. Speeds should also be unchanged, as tests in the Arizona desert are showing between 190 and 205mph with the current Gen-6 body style, modified with the electric motors, racing batteries, and a few aerodynamic changes. NASCAR’s vision all along with the Gen-6 was to get the aero package fine tuned enough to be suitable for an all electric future.

The technology that makes all of this happen, is said to be coming from a major player in the EV industry, although sources were unwilling to give up this information.

Look at your calendars today folks, because 2016 is creeping closer, and all race fans’ ears can breathe a sigh of relief as they won’t need those squishy rubber things jammed into them come race day.

When asked if this move would be a good thing for NASCAR, driver of the #16 Ford, Greg Biffle said, “Yep.”

SOURCE: National Association For Solar Car Auto Racing
PHOTO: Kerry Murphey