Top 15 Things NASCAR Drivers Are Grateful For This Thanksgiving

1. Spending time with family

Technically, you have to move out of the house first to really appreciate this one.

2. Raising the NASCAR Next Class of 2030

Whether Clint knows it yet or not.

3. Movember

Because nothing says you’re too grown for the kids’ table quite like a sweet ‘stache.


No need to fit into those firesuits for a while.

5. Being at home

Time to redecorate!

6. Teammates

Always there for you.

7. Catching up on TV shows

He foxtrotted his way into our hearts.

8. Getting a good night’s sleep for the first time since February

…with both eyes closed.

9. Graduating from high school

Best. Day. Ever.

10. Taylor Swift

We are never, ever, ever forgetting this.

11. Knowing you made history

No big deal.

12. Maintaining a work/life balance

Whether in the driver’s seat or the hot seat.


We’re guessing they’ll deliver the cranberry sauce and stuffing, too.

14. One big, happy family

We all have our moments.

15. Knowing that there’s less than three months until the 2015 Daytona 500

Us too, Keelan.