The Final Lap Shows Using All New ‘Audio Director’ Imaging Production Library For Radio

audio_directorThe Final Lap is proud to announce our association with the Audio Director Imaging Production Library For Radio.

“Audio Director makes it so easy to image The Final Lap radio shows because everything is ready to use, no sifting through 10 things to get to the 1 good work part. It’s really killer stuff, and takes our shows to the next level.” -Kerry Murphey Host/Producer The Final Lap

AUDIO DIRECTOR is a high quality radio imaging production library made for audio professionals, crafted for ease of use and rapid workflow.

AUDIO DIRECTOR is updated monthly with fully produced promo shells, beds, transitions, interrupters & impactors. Only the best make the cut and all are designed to make your workflow effortless.



Get AUDIO DIRECTOR for your radio station by contacting UNITED STATIONS.