The Final Lap Weekly NASCAR Podcast #370 Tyler Reddick – Watkins Glen NASCAR Preview

The Final Lap Weekly Podcast LogoSHOW #370 – Guest: Tyler Reddick – We recap Pocono, plus what F1 driver wants to race NASCAR?, What is going on with Jimmie Johnson on Twitter?, NASCAR goes solar, Erik Jones is going Cup, plus Fantasy Racing, Drivers Say What, and was Kerry a Hip Hop DJ at one time? Hosted by Kerry Murphey and Toby Christie

( Roughly 48:00 mins)


Hosts: Kerry Murphey & Toby Christie

Executive Producer: Kerry Murphey

Music: Russell Nash Audio Director

Voice Over: Thomas Moog








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2 thoughts on “The Final Lap Weekly NASCAR Podcast #370 Tyler Reddick – Watkins Glen NASCAR Preview

  1. Okay all due respect the only thing @JimmieJohnson is doing is what everyone wanted from him…when Johnson let the hate slip by he was labeled as “boring” and “too nice” so now hes firing back like every other driver and somehow thats not ok? So just “stay boring and too nice” or respond?…its a no win with people who hate JJ HOWEVER FOR THOSE THAT HIGHLY RESPECT HIM ITS CLEAR HE JUST CANT WIN WITH HATERS…AS FOR CHAMPIONSHIPS YAH HES GOT THAT IN THE BAG! Just sayin give the guy a breather. Hes human.

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