TFLW NASCAR Podcast: #541 Custer/Moffitt Phoenix Prerace

SHOW #541 – Guests: Brett Moffitt, Cole Custer – We recap the Texas Weekend, we breakdown Kevin Harvick’s win, only to find out after the show was finished that the 4 car was penalized heavily (yes, we know) We also preview the upcoming weekend at the mostly new ISM Raceway at Phoenix, (yes we know our clinch scenarios are out of whack now) It’s a fun show, so have a blast listening. Hosted by Kerry Murphey and Toby Christie. (we are very aware that the 4 car is not locked in any more)

ISM Raceway 2018 Map PDF

(Roughly 48:00 mins)

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Hosts: Kerry Murphey & Toby Christie

Executive Producer: Kerry Murphey

Music: Russell Nash Audio Director

Voice Over: Thomas Moog



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